Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Select One Photo Story to Tell At a Time

This is a video we did using Animoto of our nephew, Danny Keating, cutting down a tree at our cabin in the NC Blue Ridge Mountains.  This is what we refer to as our “Daniel Boone” moment in time! He was amazing to watch and we wanted to be sure it was captured for posterity!  Telling your entire life’s story through photos can sound like an overwhelming task and many folks never get started for that very reason.  So to get started we recommend that you select just one special occasion, vacation or holiday to begin the process.  You need a starting point! 

Decide if you want to put together a photo album, a scrapbook, a video or a photo book.  There are more possibilities available now than ever!  Like the video above there are many ways to make your presentation FUN!  This should be a definite goal that is too often forgotten!  Boxes full of photos or even photo albums can make folks yawn when you bring them out so being a bit more creative can make saving memories a whole new experience.   You will be surprised how much you might enjoy the process and the end product is bound to please everyone.  

If you feel like you don’t have the skill or time to do this yourself then we suggest you take your photos to someone like Peter and Sharon Galluzzo at Home Video Studios.  They can help you transfer your videos, photos or slides to DVD.  I have always loved their slogan – “Don’t take a Risk – Put it on Disk!”   Good advice to be sure.

One last tip – back up your photo stories!  Beverly Mahone commented last week that she had lost all of her photos due to a fire!  A devastating experience for sure --don’t let this happen to you!  Store your photos in more than one location and keep several copies!!  REMEMBER - Your photo story is important!